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Thursday, July 24, 2014

August Heat Line up & Hints

01. DemotiK Hint:: What does the crystal ball tell you?
02. LOoLOo's & Platypus  Skipped for now. 
03. Stitches Creations   Hint::: I love to read out on the beach so I need to pick out a book to take along.
04. Nightmare Design Hint:: Ladies:  Light those candles.  Mens:  I Give You My Heart.
05. StoraxTree
06. Icarus Television   Hint::: Need to quince my thirst
07. lvs&co and m.g.designs  Hint:::spiderweb spiderweb, find where they are and the prize you will have!
08. Nekolicious  Hint::: I'm here to ensure that you get what you pay for.
09. Erotipose    Hint::: *sings* All the SINGLE LADIES!  Put your hands up!
10. [ free bird ]  Hint::: Everyone needs Prayer Flags
11. [SLGROW] Hint::: Don't forget your Baseball Hat.
12. Loordes of London  Hint:::by the back door
13. Grim Death Co  Hint:::  The blacksmith's skills made my beauty unfold, yet i will spend my days forever in Death's hold
14. {{Imajicas G-Spot}} Gestures  Hint::: Like how my name Glows?!
15. Dragons' Designs Hint::: "Things are really heating up right around the corner"
16. Dirty Laundry  Hint:::  Maybe some cool watermelon will help with the heat!!
17. KK's Trinkets   Hint::: Look for the Ruby,,, and we ain't talking slippers.
18. blah.BLAH.blah   Hint::second floor : men hint: 28/28 xmmmm do not cover al your body with them i do not like it , on the neck i do like one .....
woman hint demo box! nice now i can see it before i pay for it!!
 ill call out sick to work... its just wayyyy to hot...
19. AmAzInNg CrEaTiOnS
20. Shadow Dreams  Hint::: get cozy with your other half at sunrise or sunset?
21. Kabuki Creations Hint::: Oh Oh Oh, Im cute put me in your PICKS

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

August Heatwave Hunt taking apps

Time to start thinking about the next hunt, in the dead of summer when it gets soooooooo hot. It gets hot in other ways too! Put your imagination to work at what you wanna do on those hot August nights!!

August Heatwave Hunt Applications now closed

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Titillating Tatas & Salivating Schlongs 4!! : My Valentine Feb 1st - Feb 28th

Titillating Tatas & Salivating Schlongs 4!! : 
My Valentine
Feb 1st - Feb 28th 

Titillating Tatas  Store List & Hints. 

1.  DemotiK Hint board in store. 

2.   Cummere Mayo Creations
Men's: where else would you find me?

Women's: where else would you find me?
3.  {{Imajicas G-Spot}} Gestures
4.  LOoLOo's Costumes and Platypus Menswear Hint::: Slap me, I like it!!!
5.  Vips Creations Hint: I am very Naughty Gothika and you can find me in the DISCOUNT Store!!!
6.   ..::Gone NuTz::..  Hint::: Check the Hint Giver at the store 
7.  irrISIStible shop  Hint::: i'm sometimes white ... and sometimes black (look in women section)
8.  Season of Wonders  Hint ::: many glasses of champagne and congratulations to strengthen 
{Optional} Second Hint :: covered table with champagne someone forgot it bra

9.  blah.BLAH.blah
10.  Stone's Works   Hint:::  This Gift will Raise your Spirits but look among the art 
11.  Prometheus' Fire  Hint:::She seduces him slowly and in the final moments as her panties drop to the floor he stares at her stunned .... full of desire.
13. VooDoo Dollz  Hint::: Vanity has all girls want
14.  (In)Discretions Hint::: All you need is love

 Salivating Schlongs Store List & Hints. 

1.  DemotiK Hint board in store. 
2.  Cummere Mayo Creations
Men's: He took a Tumble.

Women's: Her schlong could even make a cowboy cry.
3.  Brick a Brack
4.  LOoLOo's Costumes & Platypus Menswear   Hint::: Celebrate
5.  Vips Creations  Hint: Alex has what you need to be a COMPLETE MAN!
6.  ..::Gone NuTz::.. Hint::: Check the Hint Giver at the store 
7.  Dragons Designs  Hint::: Just Hanging Out with the Rest of the Men
8.  Stone's Works  Hint::: Eventually the Storm will pass
9.  [[[[NOISE]]]]  Hint:::Im smokin hot
10.  Prometheus' Fire Hint:::
Hanging from the edge of the art with the most massive mouthful on the place .... I mean how could you miss it?
11.  (In)Discretions   Hint::: Check near the pool 

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Is that time again!! Time for 2 of our most popular hunts!!
Titillating Tatas & Salivating Schlongs 4!! : 
My Valentine
Feb 1st - Feb 28th

For those familiar with our hunts these two hunts will probably either bring smiles or cringes.  Our most infamous of hunts and certainly our most politically incorrect ones.  These hunts are definitely not for everyone!

If things like tentacle bras, boob shaped couches, and banana shaped jock straps
these are the hunts for you!!!

Still reading?  Then welcome to two of the most outrageous hunts in SL where the participating merchants and hunters enjoy reveling in all the campy, the goofy, the stereotypical, the politically incorrect, the perverted, and the over-the-top.

RULES Please read and only continue on with the application if you agree to follow them!!

# Offer Good Quality Prizes;  NO resellers, freebies, or business in a box items. Or stores full of *Art* that was not made by you personally.

# Since these hunts are gender specific the usuall rule of providing for both sexes or a unisex item is waived. 

# Have a Main store with a direct TP.  Or a HUNT PATH leading hunters to your store.  Malls and multi-merchant  setups are fine as long as you use a hunt path to clearly mark your store.

# Agree to Join thr hunt group for the duration of the hunt, (NO exceptions!) (You can join the group yourself if you miss the invite )  secondlife:///app/group/6d592efb-8407-3305-9b80-522add044aae/about

# A Picture and Hint must be sent in of your item. Even just saying "Hint giver on sign or in store" is fine.

# Your Gift must be boxed. The only thing we should see in the hunt item is your BOXED gift and the LM to the next location.

# Hunt item is not to be hidden inside another object.

# NO changing the hunt item Color or NAME.

# Hunt Sign must be placed in SIGHT of the landing are of your store. If it cannot be seen as I land from your LM.  YOU will be asked to move it Or place hunt tracks leading to it..
Sign must be placed out ASAP as you get it.

Thank you!

Titillating Tatas 4 Application

Salivating Schlongs 4 Application: is  no longer online Join the Group inworld:  secondlife:///app/group/6d592efb-8407-3305-9b80-522add044aae/about     or search groups for Depravity Hunts.   Or contact me: Shellie Pearl