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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Monday, July 30, 2012

August Heat Hunt 2: Midnight Passions Hints

August Heat 2: Midnight Passions
August 1-31
August is a month of high tempatures and high passions, both day and night. In fact, when the Sun goes down, things only get hotter.  With that in mind, Depravity Hunts is proud to present for your hunting pleasure: August Heat 2: Midnight Passions, a hunt built around the heat and passions that flare in the darkest hours of the night.  Passions that may sink into the lowest levels of depravity but raise you to the highest levels of esctacy.  Let your depravity shine through!
Participating Merchants and hints listed below:

1) Demotik
Please use the hint giver in the store.
2) Brick-A-Brack
No hint needed.
3) Cummere Mayo Creations
The marks of any passion can leave a bruise.
4) LooLoo's
Picture Perfect.
5) Amulet
Mmm.. maybe some water to cool off in?
6) Dani's
Please use the hint giver in the store.
7) Trident
Seek where drunkards lay in puddles of wine.
8) Trident Jewellery
Red roses hide the prize.
9) Naughty Naughty
I'm going to the naughty floor
10) Shadow Dreams
11) Les sucreries de Fairy
Hot as hell ... I'm near this hint giver with bones and skulls.
12) Syrenz Shadows
Please use the hint giver in the store.
13) Red Eye Shop
Please use the hint giver in the store.
14) Camilla's
Please use the hint giver in the store.
15) Kennedy's
Please use the hint giver in the store.
16) Grim Death Co.
17) Shinies
She Arches in Passion.
18) ~Lantian~
Please use the hint giver in the store.
19) Karma's Kreations
Please use the hint giver in the store.
20) Raven's heart
Like a moon between strange lovers.
21) GPD
Under The pink Star.
22) blah.Blah.blah
Please use the hint giver in the store.
23) Albo Products  Lori's Lair
Please use the hint giver in the store.
24) Nocturnal Needs
When the moon rises high, it's time for the Dark Feast!
25) Black Cat Bones
26) Seductive Designs
I hope I don't get wet standing here
27) Avale
28) Nishi Designs
29) Violet Moon Creations
A whatchful eye, the guardian of treasures.
30) Ais Ink Tattoo
31) Bella's Designs
32) Ro!ACT Designs
If you can see the Tulips, you can see me.
33) Phoebe Peircings and more
Please use the hint giver in the store.
34) Maddie's Designs
35) Clarity Creations
36) Incendia Outdoors
37) Earthly Delights
38) BRAT!
You'll have to play in the sand if you want your gift
39) RAWR!
40) Seddy's Creations
look high, but not too high.
41) --[Pins & Needles]--
You're such a pane!!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fall Lust Hunt 2 : Under the Leaves Nov. 1st-30th

Fall, a time when temptatures are cooling down, leaves are turning colors, and the farmers begin thier harvest.  Yet even as the fall turns the weather colder, it provides a great time to heat things up.  All those haystacks and piles of leaves can provide for a great deal of amusement, and who says crops like pumpkins and maize are the only things that can be harvested?  Fall is a great time for those who want to let thier lusty side out.  In that spirit, this Novemeber, Depravity Hunts proudly invites the merchants of Second Life to come show us what happens in the lustfull months of fall behind the barn, in the haystacks, and most especially under the leaves.

The rules and application are below.

1. Please provide a gift that represents your store's image and entices hunters to return as shoppers.

2. Don't hide your gift to the point of frustration. Items must be within 30 meters of your landing point or poster or have clearly marked signage to the area of your item. NO EXCEPTIONS.Although this is a hunt, we'd like the hunters to return and shop, and they can't do that if they haven't found your gift! However, it is still a hunt, so some searching is expected.

3. Please place your hunt poster in a prominent location at your store when you get it. Hunt items will be issued soon! Make sure the item is set for sale at $L0 Contents. Do not rename, or recolor your hunt prim. Please have the item out and ready by the Oct. 28th walkthrough.

4. We will do a walkthrough on Oct. 28. Please have your items out and set for sale at 0L/Contents. If you don't have your gift ready, it's okay. We're checking landmarks. But please send an IM to Cummere Mayo or any other staff member when you have your item ready so we can check you off the list.
IMPORTANT: If you cannot have a poster and item out by the walkthrough we reserve the right to drop you from the hunt and give your spot to a reserve applicant.

5. Please keep gifts in theme.

6. You MUST submitted a detailed gift idea to be considered. You can change your mind later.

Please submit this application back to Cummere Mayo no later then Oct. 1st. If you are pulling this application from the blog please post the following into a notecard named FLH2 (your name/store name):

Store Name:
Your Name:
Additional Contact (if applicable):
Gift Idea:

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Darkness Behind Closed Doors 2: Hunt Gifts

Creatif Designs - Slave cave BDSM, Cake Strawberry, Cemetery, Multi-Scene Desires, The Prairie

                                         Grim Death Co. - Edible Delights & Forbidden Falls

Brick-a-Brack: My Special Cuddle Buddy & Window Silhouettes