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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Salivating Schlongs Hunt Hints

With a few exceptions this hunt consists mostly either of stores that were already in the Depravity hunts group or who had been a part of the Titillating Tata's hunt.
Because of all the flak we got over the tata's hunt and how inappropriate and sexist we were by people that didnt even do the hunt we decided we would celbrate the guys for a couple of weeks. (August 14th-30th)

1. Avatar Bizarre
Please use hint giver at store.

2. Brat!

3. LC Designs

4. Ahmused Xpresnz

5. Cynful Designs

6. iRRegular iNventory
"69" is the favorite number of a hungry schlong.

7. PA Designe
I stay where my dreams are.

8. Amulet
I found your nuts in a tree.

9. Pipper's Place
Schlongs land in the strangest places when flung...look high for this one...

10. (IN)Discretions
Some win blue ribbons - but your gift is by a red bow!

11. [Monochrome] Dropped from hunt because store is missing. Please skip for now.

11a. Shadow Dreams
You did what with whom on whose desk?

12. Secrets of Gaia

13. D.A.D.T

14. Brandy's Boutique
Removed from hunt. skip to #15

15. Asteria Creations

16. Les Sucreries de Fairy

17. Dani's

18. Karma's Kreations
Don't tug on SUPERMANS cape, he may not be wearing the right underwear.

19. Sexy swagger

20. Michigan Shack

21. Shadow moon
Use it... or the Cobwebs start forming like you can see here.

22. Body Coutoure
Up, up and away

23. Dark Water Designs
Please use hint Giver at store.

24. Tamiron Forge
Find the SSH Gift poster and you will find the gift!

25. Cummere Mayo Creations
Failure to perform can be so embarrassing...

August Heat Featured Hot and Sticky Sweet HINTS

August 1st through 31st.

August is hot and sticky month when lots of sweet things happen. Fifty of our merchants wanted to share what they love about summer that makes summer hot and sticky sweet. August is here, can you take the heat?

1. Avatar Bizarre
Use hint giver at store.

2. J styles
Use hint giver at store.

3. Blooma's Textures
No withdrawals can be made here!

4. Brat!
If you play in the sand, the sun will shine.

5. [Electric]
Hint giver at store entrance!

6. < P3 >
I "staired" into the sun.

7. LC Designs
No hint given.

8. !!Never Ever!
In the august heat...summer in the city will be terrible.

9. Gin's Gems
No hint given.

10. AhMuSe'd XpresN'z
Use hint giver at store.

11. Cynful Designs
No hint given.

12. Red Eye Shop
1) The Red stinger points to one.
2) Freyja Caries the 2nd sun.
3) The pillar that can show is where you find the 3rd.

13. Raven's Heart
The sun is a fitting crown for a cat

14. Amulet
No hint given.

15. Xclusive Animations
August here and it's hot out. But when you come to Xclusives the things you find inside are even hotter. If you can stand the heat, JOIN OUR GROUP.

16. .:CUDA:.
Christmas in August? Now that's something to Celebrate!
(Note: due to RL circumstances this store has had to substitute gifts and any issues regarding the store need to brought to the organizers of the hunt instead of the store owner.)

17. Brandy's Boutique
Slap Me!

18. Pipper's Place
It's nice and cool under this bench...

19. (in)Discretions
A good hat helps in the August heat.

20. Strawberry box
Use hint giver at store.

21. Shadow Dreams
Lots of things melt in the sun...

22. Secrets of Gaia
Use hint giver at store.

23. ::Ky's Kreayshunz III:: (dropping out)

23a. ArisAris
No hint given.

24. *Clarity Creations*
This can be fun to swim in hot weather:)

25. **Asteria Creations**
No hint given.

26. Visuaz::Sassy
"Its Hot on the Runway"

27. Les sucreries de Fairy
I love cows.

28. Dani's
Use hint giver at store.

29. Cero Style
I am laying under a lil tree.

30. Loch Avie Bazaar/Stone's Works
No hint given.

31. Curvasive Designs
Use hint giver at store.

32. Sexy Swagger
No hint given.

33. Karma's Kreations
Sitting here looking at the V.I.P's.

34. PA Design
Looking at Sunrise...

35. Michigan Shack
Use hint giver at store.

36. LOoLOo's
No hint given.

37. Shadow Moon
Wear one of these and beat the heat or... turn it up.

38. Omega unlimited
No hint given.

39. Grumble
Hand me a towel before i melt.

40. Black Cat Bones
No hint given.

41. Winterwood
/me yells Cool Beans I found it!!

42. Black Kitten Home & Design
No hint given.

43. Ginger's Goodies
I'm resting with a beautiful Indian.

44. Herberry
Stay cool in the summer heat with Glitterati

45. Southern Charm
No hint given.

46. Moon's Howling Creations
Use hint giver at store.

47. Sn@tch
This is where everything gets lost.

48. Naughty Naughty
No hint given.

49. Body Coutour
Hers: mocca chocolata ya ya.
His: wild boys.
Unisex: Reading Rainbow.

End. Cummere Mayo Creations

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fall Lust Hunt: November Reign Stores

1) Naughty Naughty
2) Cummere Mayo Creations
3) Clarity Creations
4) Xclusive Animations
5) Syrenz Shadowz
6) Tree House Treasures
7) Hearth & Homes Gypsy Wares
8) Dani's
9) DemotiK
10) Ahmused Xpresnz
11) Roawenwood
12) .:CUDA:.
13) LooLoo's
14) Dax Designs
15a) Aberrant
16b) [Flit Ink]
16) Karma Kreations
17) Divalicious
18) Aster's Builts
19) Pipper's Place
20) T R I D E N T
21) T R I D E N T Jewellery
22) New York's Finest Apparel
23) Raven's Heart
24) J Styles
25) [Electric]
26) Twisted Gothly Designs (missing)
27) Purple Poses
28) Evaki
29) Carrie's Lingerie
30) Amulet
31) Cynful Designs
32) Pestique
33) Shadow Moon
34) Stone's Works
35) Michigan Shack
36) Sexy Sisters
37) Secrets of Gaia
38) (in)Discretions
39) Red Eye Shop
40) Vel's Boutique
41) Draconic Kiss
42) Retro'
43) Serenity Designs
44) K-CODE
45) Winterwood Designs

Friday, August 12, 2011

Depraved Peek-A-BOO!

We love Halloween and love to see the depraved, sexy, naughty, cheeky, silly, scarey, and cute costumes that come out of the closet. Thus this is more of a costume hunt then anything. The theme for this hunt is Peek-a-boo!

1. CMC

2. Avatar Bizarre

3. PeKaS Design

4. Yourigami

5. Brandy's Boutique

6. Rag Dollz

7. !!X Factor!!

8. Twisted Gothly Designs

9. Stone's Works Annex

10. < p3 >

11. Dani's

12. J Stylez

13. **Clarity Creations**

14. Ahmus'ed Xpresnz

15. Demotik

16. Dark Water Designs

17. Dax Designs

18a. Aberrant + Flit Ink

18b. Aberrant + Flit Ink

19. Brat

20. Karma's Kreations

21. Pipper's Place

22. Shadow Dreams

23. Les Sucreries de Fairy

24. MiChiGaNs ShAcK

25. (in)discretions

26. Asteria Designs

27. LooLoo's

28. the Secret Shelf

29. Red Eye Shop

30. Carrie's

31. Body Coutour

32. !! Never Ever!

33. VM Projects

34. Southern Charm

35. Reality Designs

36. Syrenz Shapes

37. .:CUDA:.

38. New York's Finest

39. Naughty Naughty

40. Winterwood Designs

41. Pa Designe

42. Wraithvenum

43. PNP

44. Visualz::Sassy

Salivating Schlongs Hunt Featured Gifts

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fall Lust Hunt: November Reign

November is such a pretty time. Its starting to get colder, but still so many ways to be sexy and wicked, and those fall leaves are such fun to do naughty things in. Even in the November rains that visit many parts of the world, so much fun and sexiness can be had.
November can also be dark and depraved. Coming just after much of the world celebrates All Hallows. November then Reigns supreme!
As Such you are invited to join in the dark and depraved fun and show off anything that is Fall, Lusty, and or fits in the theme of November reign/November rain.

As always you will need to join the Depravity Hunts group.

The Rules:
1. Please provide a gift that represents your store's image and entices hunters to return as shoppers.

2. Don't hide your gift to the point of frustration. If your item is more then 30m from the landing point please provide path or signage. Although this is a hunt, we'd like the hunters to return and shop, and they can't do that if they haven't found your gift! However, it is still a hunt, so some searching is expected.

3. ***Please place your hunt poster in a prominent location at your store when you get it. Hunt items will be issued soon! Place your gift inside a box, along with your landmark and anything else you'd like, then put the box inside the hunt prim. Make sure the item is set for sale at $L0 Contents. Do not rename, or recolor your hunt prim. Please have the item out and ready by the Oct. 28th walkthrough.

4. Please keep gifts in theme. You must have a gift idea in mind.

5. You MUST submitted a detailed gift idea to be considered. You can change your mind later.

Please submit this application back to Cummere Mayo no later then Oct. 15th. If you are pulling this application from the blog please post the following into a notecard named Fall Lust Hunt (your name/store name):

Store Name:
Your Name:
Additional Contact (if applicable):
Gift Idea:

Timeline/Rules -

Again, applications are due by Oct 15th.

1. Item must be within 30 meters of your landing point or poster.

2. We will do a walkthrough on Sept. 28. Please have your items out and set for sale at 0L/Contents. If you don't have your gift ready, it's okay. We're checking landmarks. But please send an IM to Cummere Mayo or Sredni Eel when you have your item ready so we can check you off the list.

3. if you cannot have a poster and item out by the walkthrough we reserve the right to drop you from the hunt and give your spot to a reserve applicant.

4. Please DO NOT rename, resize or alter the appearance of your hunt item.

5. Have fun with your gift and have a great hunt