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Monday, March 18, 2013

Tittilating Tata's 3 And Salivating Schlongs 3 (April 1st - 30th)

For those around since the beginning and those that have followed our hunts these two hunts will probably either bring smiles or cringes.  These are probably our most infamous hunts and certainly our most politically incorrect ones.  These hunts are definitely not for everyone!
If things like tentacle bras, boob shaped couches, and banana shaped jock straps offend you, you should skip this hunt.
Still reading?  Then welcome to two of the most outrageous hunts in SL where the participating merchants and hunters enjoy reveling in all the campy, the goofy, the stereotypical, the politically incorrect, the perverted, and the over-the-top.

Salivating Schlongs
1) Cummere Mayo Creations
I don't think this is what they mean by "bank shot" dear...
2) Brick-Brack
No hint given or needed.
3) DragonLady's Closet
I just can't keep away from Venus.
4)  Electric
I SIT here watching the sales!
5) LooLoo's
She's a bigger dummy than this jock!
6) X-Clusives' Animations
What to do with those Salivating Schlongs
Maybe it is time for some MASTURBATION?
Or moisten lips, and test out those tongues
And prepare for some ORAL DICTATION

7) Amulet
No hint given or needed.
8) Demotik
Please use hint giver in store.
9) R&Z CreaTionS
(missing hunt items?)
10) VIPS Creations
I wrote this tattoo to my body because i LOVE you so much!!Every day is VALENTINE Day with you!!!
11) Alchemi Scenes
(missing hunt items?)

Tittilating Tatas
1) Cummere Mayo Creations
Somehow this just seemed so appropriate considering the name of the hunt and all... 
2) Ro!Act Designs
Please use hint giver in store.
3) Naughty Naughty
Please use hint giver in store.
4) DragonLady's Closet
I'm sniffing up somewhere I probably don't belong
5) Electric
Nothing like a gift at Midnight
6) X-Clusives' Animations
At last the hunt's started
Prepare for frustration
And just in time for Easter
Your journey is chartered
And finally seeking TIT-TEASER
7) Amulet
No hint given or needed.
8) Demotik
Please use hint giver in store.
9) Baubles Brand! Clothing
"One step at a time"
10) R&Z CreaTionS
(missing hunt items?)
11) Looloo's
Mirror Mirror  on the wall, Big tata's today or small?
12) Vips Creations
I adore costumes avatar do you? If you see a CLOWN avatar take the gift and run for your life--Pennywise The IT  is waiting for you he has your gift.
13) Alchemi Scenes
(missing hunt items?)