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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall Lust - Under The Leaves Hint list

1) Demotik - A most common way to pass time.
2) Cummere Mayo Creations - Two gifts:
Men's: Let's knock some boots together.
Women's: Twisted family ties...
3) Brick-A-Brack - No hint.
4) Lanitan - Please see hint giver at store. (The hint giver is in a corner of the landing zone.)
5) Naughty Naughty -I am looking for a formal since I am such a jewel.
6) Passionette - MIA. For now skip.
7) Nocturnal Needs - Feeling Stumped?
8) Goddess Fantasies - Buried deep beneath the leaves your treasure you will find.
Sit upon the plant and drink, its sure to ease your mind.
Gather up the water drops and look upon the ground.
Follow these instructions and your treasure will be found.
9) Hot Stuff
10) Lori's Lair
11) Blah.Blah.Blah
12) Les Sucreries de Fairy - Please use hint giver in store.
13) Carrie's Lingerie - It sure does look FESTIVE around here with all the pretty fall colors.
(Note, item must be unpacked. Owner is aware but unable to fix at this time. Please do not message her or her staff.)
14) LooLoo's - No hint given (or needed).
15) Ro!Act Designs - I am not Seasonal but you can find me there. (RO)
16) Riel - No sign no object please skip to #17
17) Virtual Ryukyu - No hint given
18a) Red Eye Shop - Five items to find:
Hint #1:  Land, wait & Rezz, look
Hint #2: Where The way Up will lead you round.
Hint #3: Where Swords open the door
Hint #4:  Where Wings Burn Like Fire
Hint #5: Find the One eyed, one horned , Flying Purple People Eater.
19a) Nishi Designs - No hint Given
20) Vivianne Fashion - What do I need when the sun is shining?
21) Grumble - DING! Round Two! (From the LP take the tp to Men's.)
22) Xclusives Animations - Fall lust has just begun,
That means it's time for us to have some fun.
FULL PERM ANIMATIONS cause joy in my heart.
Maybe the ROMANCE PACK is the place to start. (Item is out but needs to be unpacked)
23) Dani's - Please use hint giver in store.
24) Lusty's - Relax if you're feeling lucky.
25) Rockoil - Lets Do It Under The Stairs...
26) Exquisite Eye Decorations - *STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES*
remember NOT to buy the object but just to CLICK it,
it will give your gift (1 pp) (ro)
27) l u x u r i a n t - No hint given
28) : (In)Discretions - Your gift is hidden among the other leaves!
29) Label Difference - Please use hint giver in store.
30) Creatif Designs - Please use hint giver in store.
31a) Brass in Pocket -
32) Spring Designs - Taking in the sights from up high!
33) Stone's Works - Find the Cutest and he will give you a gift. (RO)
34) Top Katz - Pumpkins are great this time of year (stay on the ground floor)
35) Slacy's - "Stairway to HEAVEN...is the key to the prize"
36) Pekas Designs - No hint given or needed.
37) Laura's Garden - "I can hear the sound of water"

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fall Lust Hunt Prize Pics

Scenes from autumn love by CD
 Scenes from autumn love by CD
 Scenes from autumn love by CD

Stone's Works Fall Lust Hunt prize - 8 adult animations

(In)Discretions FLH Prize
Top Katz's FLH hunt prize

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tentacle Addicts 3: Leave Nothing Untouched Merchant Lists

December 1st, 2012 to Jan. 1st, 2013
And here we go again.  One of our more popular hunts with ranges from the humorous to horrifying, cheeky to depraved, Campy to sexy, and all things in between.  They say the Third time is the charm, and tentacles are always charming so we are going all out this year with our theme: leave nothing untouched.  Take from that what you will.
Like last year we will have two paths; PG and Adult.  Stores and hunters may do one or both as they see fit.

1) Demotik
2) CMC
3) Les Sucreries de Fairy
4) Daark
5) T R I D E N T
6) T R I D E N T Jewelery
7) The Elegant Goth
8) Independent Objects
9) Brick-a-Brack
10) Blaidd Drwg
11) Co*Motion
12) Dani's
13) Violator

1) CMC
2) Lantian
3) Naughty Naughty
5) Dragon's Designs
6) Red Eye Shop
7)Blaidd Drwg
8) Dani's
9) AdelleArts Manor Fashions
10) Violator
11) Brick A Brack

Fall Lust Hunt 2 : Under the Leaves Merchant List

Fall, a time when temptatures are cooling down, leaves are turning colors, and the farmers begin thier harvest.  Yet even as the fall turns the weather colder, it provides a great time to heat things up.  All those haystacks and piles of leaves can provide for a great deal of amusement, and who says crops like pumpkins and maize are the only things that can be harvested?  Fall is a great time for those who want to let thier lusty side out.  In that spirit, this Novemeber, Depravity Hunts proudly invites the merchants of Second Life to come show us what happens in the lustfull months of fall behind the barn, in the haystacks, and most especially under the leaves.

1) Demotik
2) Cummere Mayo Creations
3) Brick-A-Brack
4) Lanitan
5) Naughty Naughty
6) Passionette
7) Nocturnal Needs
8) Goddess Fantasies
9) Hot Stuff
10) Lori's Lair
11) Blah.Blah.Blah
12) Les Sucreries de Fairy
13) Carrie's Lingerie
14) LooLoo's
15) Ro!Act Designs
16) Riel
17) Virtual Ryukyu
18) Red Eye Shop
19) Nishi Designs
20) Vivianne Fashion
21) Grumble
22) Xclusives Animations
23) Dani's
24) Lusty's
25) Rockoil
26) Exquisite Eye Decorations
27) l u x u r i a n t
28) : (In)Discretions
29) Label Difference
30) Creatif Designs
31) PB Designs
32) Spring Designs
33) Stone's Works
34) Top Katz
35) Slacy's
36) Pekas Designs
37) Laura's Garden
38) (Pending)

Lineup is now final.