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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

October Passions Hunt Oct. 1-31st

As the days start cooling off, we start looking for things to keep us entertained indoors.
This is where October Passions comes in. I am not limiting you to a specific theme persay, so long as it has to do with late fall/early winter. Take what you want from that and build accordingly.
Now that that is out of the way, lets get down to the requirements for the hunt.
1. NO BIAB (business in a box), resellers, or freebie stuff.
2. Item MUST be new. If you want to take something YOU have already created, and change it, fine. Although new is always better. You can always set it for sale after the hunt is over.
3. YOU, or a business partner, MUST be the creator. If you bought premade sculpties, templates, so on, that is fine. So long as you change it to make it yours.
4. NO KID STORES! Some of the stuff that I'm sure will be created for this hunt will NOT be kid friendly. I know my gift won't be.
5. If the landmark or slurl doesn't land you at the front door, then you MUST have a hunt path leading to your store.
6. Your item MUST be within 30 meters of the HUNT SIGN! If it is not, a hunt path MUST be placed!
7. PLEASE take your time making your gift. Don't just throw something together and call it done. After all, you want hunters to come back to your store and purchase your items. If the gift they get from you isn't well made, chances of them returning are slim to none.
8. The only "theme" I am going to insist on is you MUST make a male AND female gift. Gifts for couples is fine, otherwise male AND female gift is REQUIRED! NO UNISEX ITEMS!! NONE!! There are NO exceptions to this. Men get left out all too often in hunts, so I am making sure they aren't left out in this one.
9. Hunt objects need to be rezzed by the hunt sign by the time we do the walkthrough. If it is hidden, I need to know where it is hidden so I can make sure all the lms are correct. The gift does NOT need to be in the hunt object at this point.

Store Name:
Your Name:
Additional Contact (if applicable):

Gift Idea:

Please copy and paste the application into a NEW notecard and rename it OPH-(Your store name)(Your name)
Drop off at the SURL below in the mailbox right by the entrance. DO NOT send them directly to Cummere Mayo or LoreleiLynn Easterwood Chances are I won't get them.



1. Sponsers get automatically get accepted into spots 5-10 in order LoreleiLynn Easterwood recieves the application.
2. Their gift previewed on the blog and on my website that LoreleiLynn Easterwood is creating.
3. The charge is 300L for each sponsership.