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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Rag Dollz and F'd Up.

Due to RL issues beyond store owners' control both Rag Dollz and F'd Up have had a bit of a late start. Rag Dollz is now got something out, and F'd Up hopes to soon. Please be considerate to both store owners. Remember hunts are a gift from the store, not a right.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

1) New Abney Roleplay zone (starting point): Click sign at starting point for hint.
2) Red Eye Shop: See hint giver at store
3) ~Lantian~: See hint giver near landing point
4) Colorskins: "Look at yuourself. Just... LOOK at yourself."
5) Avatar Bizzare: See hint giver at store
6) Dead Eye Shop @ Deadwood Bordello & Shoppes: See hint giver at store
7) Moons Howling Creations: no hint yet
8) Gothic Passionate Dreams
9) Rag Dollz: See hint giver at store
*10) =-F'd Up-=: not out
11) VenomRahne: I'm sitting here silence in wait gifting is nice but thats just the bait

**Freakish Designs
*may be dropping out...
**dropped out.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lineup so far:

In no particular order the shops signed up are as follows:
Gothic Passionate Dreams
Red Eye Shop
Red Eye Shop @ Deadwood Bordello & Shoppes
Freakish Designs
Avatar Bizzare
Rag Dollz
**possibly participating**
F'd Up

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tentacle Hunt is now Accepting Applications

The hunt is open to the first FORTY stores or merchants that apply. (Sorry, but we are sticking to that limit.)

Gift must be sexy and tentacle themed/related (naughtier the better)
Stores must be m or a rated
Gift must be m or a rated
Absolutely NO kid/kid avi related stores or gifts
No more then 5 decoys unless they have prizes

To apply send a notecard titled "Tentacle Hunt Application (Store Name)" to Cummere Mayo AND Erinyse Planer. Include in the notecard, a landmark, a description of your store, and, if you wish, an idea for what your gift(s) might be.