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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

1) New Abney Roleplay zone (starting point): Click sign at starting point for hint.
2) Red Eye Shop: See hint giver at store
3) ~Lantian~: See hint giver near landing point
4) Colorskins: "Look at yuourself. Just... LOOK at yourself."
5) Avatar Bizzare: See hint giver at store
6) Dead Eye Shop @ Deadwood Bordello & Shoppes: See hint giver at store
7) Moons Howling Creations: no hint yet
8) Gothic Passionate Dreams
9) Rag Dollz: See hint giver at store
*10) =-F'd Up-=: not out
11) VenomRahne: I'm sitting here silence in wait gifting is nice but thats just the bait

**Freakish Designs
*may be dropping out...
**dropped out.

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