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Monday, June 27, 2011

Darkness Behind Closed Doors Hunt Hints

Welcome To The Darkness Behind Closed Doors Hunt. Here is a list of the hints we have as well as all of the store locations. The link to the starting point is also given for your convenience.

1. Cummere Mayo Creations
Some call me Demented or Depraved...I call myself Lucky...

2. Avatar Bizarre
Please use in-store hint giver.

3. Michigan Shack
Please use in-store hint giver.

4. (in)Discretions
Watch the moonrise over the Nile.

No hint Given.

What is behind the door will cause for blown Mania.

7. PA designe
Look for a silver girl.

8. Secrets of Gaia
Check the Hint Board. last hint we knew of is: Naughty slave, Mistress is not pleased at all!

9. MJ Studios
Did someone fall down the rabbit hole?

10. < P3 >
Think feet. Then look up to find your gift.

11. Shadow Moon
Sometimes you only find a skull and not the entire skeleton behind closed doors.

12. Slacy's
Let Light Guide Your Way

13. PiNkMaReS HoUsE
Up the Stairs in This Dark Area there is one Section that has some light, Your Prize Is By the Blind Heart...

14. Southern Charm
Take a little roll in the hay.

15. PeKaS Design
Hint not given.

I rest here and watch the stairs!

17. Grumble
Who knows what you'll find in the ashes of the fireplace. (In the Home Section.)

18. Quirky Designs
Hint not given

19. Alexohol
Please use the in-store hint giver.

Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall...
Still missing. jump to http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shantos/223/127/114

21. Evaki
Hint not given.

22. Ginger's Goodies
Look for a table...

23. .:CUDA:.
Love is the D(rug)

24. T R I D E N T
"Vines and leaves
purple grapes
rich with the promise
of dark red wines
by the soil
your prize lays"

25. ~Lantian~
Please use in-store hint giver.

26. Dressed by Lexi
Keep your Hat on!

27. EZ Stores
Find The Treasure on higher floors to open these locked doors.

28. LnL Square
Click the red "i" by the hunt posters to receive a secret hint!

29. Bella's Designs
Hiding behind the door is a sight, but there always a corner to bury into, and you can slap to win in this one.

30. 2Xtreme
No hint Given.

31. Red Eye Shop
1) When you hit the ground look to the sky.
2) On the top you find the treasure chest.
3) Six bands of spikes is where you will find.
4) Above the face painted like a skull you can get horns.
5) When you go up and look at the lord of fire you can get wings to fly.
6) You find me where you find the Elder God.
7) Find the infant dragon.

32. LC Designs
Hint not given.

33. Divalicious
You will be ENVIOUS of what goes on behind these closed doors.

34. Monochrome
You dont have to look behind closed doors to find me, in fact, I'm closer then you think.
{Store is MIA as of July 18th! for now skip to #34 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wagaland/193/213/28}

35. Reality Designs
Check the Hint Board. Last hint we knew of was: Reality Designs & Reality Couture - We can make even the most "advanced" hunters cry!

36. The Elegant Goth
Where the vampire sleeps

37. Devil's Trade
Please use in-store hint giver.

38. Les Sucreries de Fairy
Hint not given.

39. emPathy
Please use in-store hint giver.

40. Omega Unlimited
(moved: now at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Touch%20N%20Go/122/220/22
Tasting Room down at The Winery

41. Hearth & Home
Please use in-store hint giver.

42. Bi Design
Take the L Train...

42a. Possibly Coming soon!

43. GPD
Saur is Sexy!

44. BlackLace
Hint not given.

45. AhMuSe'D XpresN'z

46. Sexy Swagger
Hint not given.

47. .::Karmas Kreations::.
I like to sit here reading about what goes on behind closed doors.

48. Demotik
Check the Hint Board. Check it often.

49. Divine Beauty
Even old things are good.

50. Naughty Naughty
To find me look for Naughty in Black.

51. Pipper's Place
I'm a door why am I sitting on a shelf.

52. Cynful Design
No hint given.

53. Charysma
Store owner dealing with RL. Please skip to http://slurl.com/secondlife/Business%20District%20Echo/143/210/22 and a notice will be sent if/when hunt item is ready.

53a HerBerry
Maybe if you look behind closed doors you will find this gift.

54. EB Rooms Home Furnishings
Close the door and look under the bed.

55. Xcluxive's Animations
You just never know what happens behind closed doors, which makes a nice gift card the perfect present.

56. PRIME furniture
Click the guy behind the counter for hint. He keeps the secrets.

57. Dani's (moved. new location: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bedos/239/76/46)
On first floor, I will be hanging with January in Pink

58. Brandy's Boutique
Hint not given

59. Dark Water Designs
Hint not given.

60. J stylez
Please use in-store hint giver.

61. "xXx"Treme Fashion Designs
A mouse stole all five prizes and scattered them around the store.

62. !!Never Ever
Hint not given.

63. -=FORSAKEN=-
Hint not given.

64. iRRegular iNventory
Making out under the stairs.

65. Tonyas Restraint Works
Hint not given.

66. Eye Candi
North or South?

67. DeadKitties
Removed. Go instead to 67a http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cuniculus/208/72/1800

67a Shadow Dreams
Look Forward.

68. Battle Angel
Not behind doors but behind walls.

69. Vampire Mafia
Doors creak within, surrounded like a graveyard...look at the deepest point within...

70. Brat!
You'll need privacy to try on this gift, so go behind the screen.

71. Dragonlady's Designs
Might as well hit the MM Board while you are here...

72. Black Cat Bones
These Doors Lead To Madness.

73. [Electric]
Please use in-store hint giver.

74. Moon's Howling Creations
I'm a Sleeping Beauty!

75. USC Textures
Please use in-store hint giver.

76. Banilacoco Skin
Swim light.

77. Lyr's Bay Designs
Please use the in-store hint givers. (You will have to walk and then use a telporter.)

78. Coca & Wolf
Who can see in the dark of night? - ¿Quienes pueden ver en la oscuridad de la noche?

79. Dakota Touch (Reopened!)
(Store is now at http://depravityhunts.blogspot.com/2011/06/darkness-behind-closed-doors-hunt-hints.html)
Turn on the Light

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