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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tentacle Addicts II Hints

Tentacle Addicts II Runs Dec. 1st to Jan. 1st and contains many awesome stores. This hunt has two paths so it is like having two hunts in one.


1. Avatar Bizzare
Hint giver at store.

2. Cummere Mayo Creations
Ever see that movie where the kids go swimming in the lake and the tentacle monster got them? No? Well maybe we should have a private SCREENing.

3. J Stylez *
Hint giver at store.

4. The Strawberry Box
Hint giver at store.

5. Blooma's Textures
Hint giver at store.

6. K-Code
Hint giver at store.

7. Pipper's Place
Find Pipper's Braided Rugs And You'll Find Me...

8. Syrenz Shadows
WHO would be
A maiden so fair,
Singing alone,
Combing her hair
upon the rocks,
In a frame of curls
on her perch
With a comb of pearl?

9. Tree House Treasures
Hint giver at store.

10. Tiny Spaces
Well if you are gonna hang around there, give me a push.

11. Darkfold Designs
Hint giver at store.
(store is missing sign but gift -is- out)

12. Red Eye Shop
Item 1) Wind your way up
Item 2) In a room where all the pictures are horny you can find it under a fiend
Item 3) Behind the door with the angels you can see a tentacle waiting for thee
Item 4) you will find me on the back of a black rose

13. Grumble
Don't stumble around, turn on a light. (When you land, take the teleport to the Home department.)

14. Les Sucreries de Fairy
Mens love tentacles too. ^^

15. Karma's Kreations
I see sea shells by HER island blue floor.

16. Raven's Heart
Raven thought it was a worm

17. Shadow Moon
Tentacles or Branches... you decide.

18. Eye Candi
(Pulled please skip to 19.)

19. T R I D E N T
At the altar where the Rune Priests celebrate their sacrifices, seek for your prize.

20. T R I D E N T Jewellery
Seek by the crown of frozen horns.

21. BelDimi Gestures
Hint Giver in store.

22. Something Wicked
No hint given.

23. Second Chances
(Pulled please skip to 24)

24. *Tori-Tastic*
Bot you won't find me.

25. Purple Poses
The only thing I need now is to sit and read a good newspaper.

(Pulled. Please skip to 28)

27. VMC
(Pulled. Please skip to 28.)

28. FlufferNutterz
The tentacle has invaded the corners of the walls.

29. A & S Visions
Oo pants.....

30. IRA - [KIYO]
No hint given.

31a./31b. [aberrant] + [Flit Ink]
a)Tentacles need bling too!
b)Don't be Shy, it's here somewhere - use your brains

32. Wicked Beauty Light Shows
You really sleigh me.

33. !! Never Ever!
Some Ivy into the store but only one holds what you want.


1. Cummere Mayo Creations
When I said I wanted to be lucky, this isn't what I meant!

2. Cero Style
I am sleeping on a cozy couch.

3. Blooma's Textures
Hint giver at store.

4. Dani's
Hint Giver at store.

5. Demotik
Everyone likes Presents

6. ~Lantian~
Hint giver at store.

7. Amulet
Hint giver at store.

8. Xclusives Animations
Hint giver at store.

9. Red Eye Shop
Look for me behind a banner

10. J Stylez
Hint giver at store.

11. Brandy's Boutique
Erlene is going to be cold this winter.

12. Second Chances
(Pulled. Please skip to 13.)

13. *Tori-Tastic*
Seems like someone forgot to hang me up.

14. Roawenwood
Hint giver at store.

15. PA Designe
I need a collar

16. Purple Poses
Red is hot and where it is hot, I'll be waiting for you.

17. Lemons & Cream
Crept upstairs and tucked itself behind bloody sheets.

18. [721]

19. Naughty Naughty
Find Naughty in Black and you will find me.

20. Vels Boutique
(Item may be late. WL)

21. Brick-a-Brack
Bruises and blood bring out the demon in me.

22. GPD:: Saur's Darkest Dreams
I am coming out by a tombstone...


  1. It would be great if you could post pics or links to blogs with pics, of the prizes so the hunters would not have to waste time finding prizes (non-transferable) that are gender specific, therefore useless, if one happens to be of the other gender. There are more than 20 hunts ongoing and that is a lot of ground to cover so one likes to spend time hunting in a productive manner.

  2. i totally agree with above..

  3. sometimes the store owners put pics of the reward item on the bulletin board

  4. I found the tentacle at Brandy's Boutique, but it just said "Thank you for hunting!" when I touched it & didn't give me a prize.