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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall Lust Hunt 2 : Under the Leaves Merchant List

Fall, a time when temptatures are cooling down, leaves are turning colors, and the farmers begin thier harvest.  Yet even as the fall turns the weather colder, it provides a great time to heat things up.  All those haystacks and piles of leaves can provide for a great deal of amusement, and who says crops like pumpkins and maize are the only things that can be harvested?  Fall is a great time for those who want to let thier lusty side out.  In that spirit, this Novemeber, Depravity Hunts proudly invites the merchants of Second Life to come show us what happens in the lustfull months of fall behind the barn, in the haystacks, and most especially under the leaves.

1) Demotik
2) Cummere Mayo Creations
3) Brick-A-Brack
4) Lanitan
5) Naughty Naughty
6) Passionette
7) Nocturnal Needs
8) Goddess Fantasies
9) Hot Stuff
10) Lori's Lair
11) Blah.Blah.Blah
12) Les Sucreries de Fairy
13) Carrie's Lingerie
14) LooLoo's
15) Ro!Act Designs
16) Riel
17) Virtual Ryukyu
18) Red Eye Shop
19) Nishi Designs
20) Vivianne Fashion
21) Grumble
22) Xclusives Animations
23) Dani's
24) Lusty's
25) Rockoil
26) Exquisite Eye Decorations
27) l u x u r i a n t
28) : (In)Discretions
29) Label Difference
30) Creatif Designs
31) PB Designs
32) Spring Designs
33) Stone's Works
34) Top Katz
35) Slacy's
36) Pekas Designs
37) Laura's Garden
38) (Pending)

Lineup is now final.

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