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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Darkness Behind Closed Doors 3 Hints

 DBCD3 -Snowbound Hints & SLURLS
Since January is a great time to be indoors, just imagine all the dark, sexy, scary, twisted, things that can (and somewhere probably do) happen behind closed doors during this time of year.
This is one of the darkest hunts in SL so please keep that in mind when applying. Almost anything related to what happens behind closed doors or during the snowbound months will be accepted except the following: Absolutely no pedophilia, absolutely nothing else involving children or child avis.

One other change this time.  We are testing out moving over to 1L hunts.  Depending on how this goes we may or may not hold more 1L hunts in the future.
(Updated 1/5/12 to fix missing /incorrect surls and add hunt description)

All Stores without a hint listed either have a hint giver or did not provide a hint.
1) Cummere Mayo Creations - Pink is Sexy; Sexy is Pink.
2) Demotik - Multi hint board in store
3) Reality Couture - this tiny little door is too small for even a petite to walk through.  I'm hiding where spiders dwell.
4) Trident -Seek outdoors,by the roots of winter pines
5) Trident Jewelry - By a holly covered arch, you shall find the prize
6) Digi-Stylez -
7) Ro!Act -
8) Carrie's Lingerie - Did you see that or was it just me?  I could swear I saw a bunnie hopping through the store.  Maybe it knows a safe place to hide from the storm.
9) LooLoo's - Let my love open the door.
10) Loordes of London - It's a real bargain!
11) Thirteenth - We can always have a secret deal under the table.
12) Grim Death Company -
13)  Luxuriant -
14) Darkwatch Bazaar -At The Moment it's broken again,  but worth the trip all the same.
15) BedlaMSKIP
16) Death Row Designs - SKIP
17) Brick-a-Brack -
18) SKIP
19) Dragon's Designs -
20) United InshCon Mainstore -
21) R.U. Rouge - This looks like it could swing shut like a door.
22) Dani's - hint giver at  store.
23) Ciel Jewelry -
24)  SKIP
25) F*cking Ninjas - The broken chair is a good indicator for where it all began.
26)  SKIP
27) Naughty Naughty -This hunt is so hot I would look on the Naughty Floor
28) Xclusive's Animations - BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, can be a mystery and a thrill,   One can have many INTERLUDES and not need a pill,  It's not hard to to surrender, I'm sure its nothing new,  as long as you have the right equipment like the DRILL-DO
29) Celtic Wolf -Behind Closed Doors is what you seek. So head into the big store and take a peek.   Oh that's right you wanted a clue, Maybe you can find something NEW.
30) Pillows & Things -
31) Brandy's Boutique - Does that door in the corner leads anywhere.
32) PA Design -
33) The Crossing - It is behind the curtain of the bed.
34) Raven's Heart -
35) Amulet -

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