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Monday, January 28, 2013

Toxic Love Hunt Hints

Feburary's hunt is Toxic Love. Instead of doing a "normal" Valentines hunt, we are going to do one with a twist. We are the depravity hunt group are we not? Let's continue with taking holidays and making them different than what they usually are.
Merchants are not  limited to a specific theme, but they are required to have a twist. That said here is the list of stores.

1. Demotik
Multi hint board in store.

2. Cummere Mayo Creations
Men's: I feel like such a heel.
Women's: Can we table this for later?
Petites: I can't stand here all day, can I?

3. Brick a Brack

4. VIP Creations
She likes to eat carrots and she has beautiful Bunny ears and tail...

5 Dirty Laundry Designs  "We love dirty laundry"

6. Fey Kissed Designs Betwixt
Eventually I will end up here!! Until then I will just blend in!!

7. Ink Blots
Toxic is to evil as love is to good.

8. F*ckin Ninjas
The light bulb went off over cupid's head, and he said "f*ck this".

9. LooLoo's
Mirror, Mirror....

10. Asylum (Store is located by the main landing point)
Oranges, apples, and _______?

11. le fil casse - please dont sit on me!

12. LoveCats Designs
The story is old but the gift is new. Pucker up and see if the fairy tale comes true

13.  Please Skip had to dropout

14. Fuh Q + BRAT[inc]

15. AhMuSeD XpresNz

16. NOISE (16 & 17 are in the same building)
I will sit back and watch as this love turns toxic.

17. Blah.BLAH.blah (16 & 17 are in the same building)
New loves are always toxic.

I'm in the second floor.

The weeping angel guards the prize.

Seek under falling petals.

21. X-Clusives Animations

22. PA Designe
Please use hint giver in store.

23. PeKaS Designs (Some may be routed to Landing point.  Take Teleport to PeKaS.)
Please use hint giver in store.

24. Loordes Of London
Please use hint giver in store.

25. Ais Ink Tattoo
Oh dear, what ever you do, don't mistake it for soap.

26. Vero Modero
You know me very well and this time I will be keeping your gift very close to me.

27. R&Z Creations
I hate being naked....

28. Naughty Naughty
OOOO I'm going to the naughty floor!

29. DragonLady's Closet
I am NOT just lounging around.

30. Passionette

31. Amulet
Check out the pool, kids :)

32. Alchemi Scenes
Who doesn't like a sale?

33. Skip for now.

34. Lantian
Please use the hint giver in the store.  It's a crate by the landing zone.

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