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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Darkness Behind Closed Doors 4: Dark Erotica Hints

The Darkness Behind Closed Doors Hunt is back.  This time The theme is Dark Erotica.  Over twenty designers' minds went wild with ideas about what happens behind closed doors and behind dark curtains with the focus on the most erotic of the dark secrets kept out of the light of day and away from prying eyes.  The only caveat was absolutely no pedophilia or anything to do with child avatars.  The designers responded with a wide range of creativity and depravity typical of our hunts.
More information on our hunts can be found on our blog at http://depravityhunts.blogspot.com/ or by joining our group.
Starting point for this hunt will be Cummere Mayo Creations and the second stop is LooLoo's
We hope you enjoy your hunt!
~The Depravity Hunts staff.

1) Cummere Mayo Creations
Men's:  I always love boobies and think they should always be on display indoors.
Women's: I have a history and cannot escape my past.

2) LooLoo's
We are outback clowning around with Donnie!

3) Blackrose Fashion

4) Shhh! Its a Secret

5) X-clusives Animations
Please see hint giver in store.

 6) Vips Creations
I may be a woman but I always wanted to be a PIRATE.

7) Athy Designs Furniture

8) Celtic Creations
 It's all in the wrist.

9) RO!Act Designs

10) Naughty Naughty
I love formals, let's look for Daffodil.

11) Coull Creations - (Note: Hunt sign is missing from the store)

12) Akeana'a Architecture
Sometimes close to a teleporter on the floor -
you'll find darkness near an invisible door!

13) Les sucreries de Fairy
You'll find me near some bloody dancing and cuddles skulls

14) Mesh Glam
Blow hard or soft to reveal what you seek.

15) Lantian
Follow the doors to the Adult section.

16) Aster's Builds

17) Slave

18) DoZaNier Designs, Domino and Zahara's Creations
To the very depths of hell,
icy fingers pull me...

19 ) Brick-a-Brack

20) Petite Moments
Is that a thatched roof?"

21) Trident Jewelry
The priestess of sin guards the prize.

22) Trident
A cage guards the prize.

23) Miss Jewell


  1. Found #11 without prizes, to continue this is the LM to #12


  2. #17 doesn't contain prize and could not go on because #18-20 could not be found on SL search or marketplace... Have to skup to #21

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. #18 is at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lanai%20Isle/80/185/33

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