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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August Heat Featured Hot and Sticky Sweet HINTS

August 1st through 31st.

August is hot and sticky month when lots of sweet things happen. Fifty of our merchants wanted to share what they love about summer that makes summer hot and sticky sweet. August is here, can you take the heat?

1. Avatar Bizarre
Use hint giver at store.

2. J styles
Use hint giver at store.

3. Blooma's Textures
No withdrawals can be made here!

4. Brat!
If you play in the sand, the sun will shine.

5. [Electric]
Hint giver at store entrance!

6. < P3 >
I "staired" into the sun.

7. LC Designs
No hint given.

8. !!Never Ever!
In the august heat...summer in the city will be terrible.

9. Gin's Gems
No hint given.

10. AhMuSe'd XpresN'z
Use hint giver at store.

11. Cynful Designs
No hint given.

12. Red Eye Shop
1) The Red stinger points to one.
2) Freyja Caries the 2nd sun.
3) The pillar that can show is where you find the 3rd.

13. Raven's Heart
The sun is a fitting crown for a cat

14. Amulet
No hint given.

15. Xclusive Animations
August here and it's hot out. But when you come to Xclusives the things you find inside are even hotter. If you can stand the heat, JOIN OUR GROUP.

16. .:CUDA:.
Christmas in August? Now that's something to Celebrate!
(Note: due to RL circumstances this store has had to substitute gifts and any issues regarding the store need to brought to the organizers of the hunt instead of the store owner.)

17. Brandy's Boutique
Slap Me!

18. Pipper's Place
It's nice and cool under this bench...

19. (in)Discretions
A good hat helps in the August heat.

20. Strawberry box
Use hint giver at store.

21. Shadow Dreams
Lots of things melt in the sun...

22. Secrets of Gaia
Use hint giver at store.

23. ::Ky's Kreayshunz III:: (dropping out)

23a. ArisAris
No hint given.

24. *Clarity Creations*
This can be fun to swim in hot weather:)

25. **Asteria Creations**
No hint given.

26. Visuaz::Sassy
"Its Hot on the Runway"

27. Les sucreries de Fairy
I love cows.

28. Dani's
Use hint giver at store.

29. Cero Style
I am laying under a lil tree.

30. Loch Avie Bazaar/Stone's Works
No hint given.

31. Curvasive Designs
Use hint giver at store.

32. Sexy Swagger
No hint given.

33. Karma's Kreations
Sitting here looking at the V.I.P's.

34. PA Design
Looking at Sunrise...

35. Michigan Shack
Use hint giver at store.

36. LOoLOo's
No hint given.

37. Shadow Moon
Wear one of these and beat the heat or... turn it up.

38. Omega unlimited
No hint given.

39. Grumble
Hand me a towel before i melt.

40. Black Cat Bones
No hint given.

41. Winterwood
/me yells Cool Beans I found it!!

42. Black Kitten Home & Design
No hint given.

43. Ginger's Goodies
I'm resting with a beautiful Indian.

44. Herberry
Stay cool in the summer heat with Glitterati

45. Southern Charm
No hint given.

46. Moon's Howling Creations
Use hint giver at store.

47. Sn@tch
This is where everything gets lost.

48. Naughty Naughty
No hint given.

49. Body Coutour
Hers: mocca chocolata ya ya.
His: wild boys.
Unisex: Reading Rainbow.

End. Cummere Mayo Creations


  1. I have pictures of all the prizes if anyone wants to check it out. ^_^