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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Salivating Schlongs Hunt Hints

With a few exceptions this hunt consists mostly either of stores that were already in the Depravity hunts group or who had been a part of the Titillating Tata's hunt.
Because of all the flak we got over the tata's hunt and how inappropriate and sexist we were by people that didnt even do the hunt we decided we would celbrate the guys for a couple of weeks. (August 14th-30th)

1. Avatar Bizarre
Please use hint giver at store.

2. Brat!

3. LC Designs

4. Ahmused Xpresnz

5. Cynful Designs

6. iRRegular iNventory
"69" is the favorite number of a hungry schlong.

7. PA Designe
I stay where my dreams are.

8. Amulet
I found your nuts in a tree.

9. Pipper's Place
Schlongs land in the strangest places when flung...look high for this one...

10. (IN)Discretions
Some win blue ribbons - but your gift is by a red bow!

11. [Monochrome] Dropped from hunt because store is missing. Please skip for now.

11a. Shadow Dreams
You did what with whom on whose desk?

12. Secrets of Gaia

13. D.A.D.T

14. Brandy's Boutique
Removed from hunt. skip to #15

15. Asteria Creations

16. Les Sucreries de Fairy

17. Dani's

18. Karma's Kreations
Don't tug on SUPERMANS cape, he may not be wearing the right underwear.

19. Sexy swagger

20. Michigan Shack

21. Shadow moon
Use it... or the Cobwebs start forming like you can see here.

22. Body Coutoure
Up, up and away

23. Dark Water Designs
Please use hint Giver at store.

24. Tamiron Forge
Find the SSH Gift poster and you will find the gift!

25. Cummere Mayo Creations
Failure to perform can be so embarrassing...

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