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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Salivating Schlongs Hunt

With two exceptions this hunt consists mostly either of stores that were already in the Depravity hunts group or who had been a part of the Titillating Tata's hunt.
Because of all the flak we got over the tata's hunt and how inappropriate and sexist we were by people that didnt even do the hunt we decided we would celbrate the guys for a couple of weeks. (August 15th-30th)

1. Avatar Bizarre

2. Brat!

3. LC Designs

4. Ahmused Xpresnz

5. Cynful Designs

6. iRRegular iNventory

7. PA Designe

8. Amulet

9. Pipper's Place

10. (in)Discretions

11. Monochrome

12. Secrets of Gaia

13. Dark Water Designs

14. D.A.D.T

15. Brandy's Boutique

16. Asteria Creations

17. Les Sucreries de Fairy

18. Dani's

19. Karma's Kreations

20. Sexy swagger

21. Michigan Shack

22. Shadow moon

23. Body Coutoure

24. Tamiron Forge

end. Cummere Mayo Creations

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