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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Darkness Behind Closed Doors 2: Merchants

The first Behind Closed doors was one of our biggest and most popular hunts and we are pleased to be bringing it back this year for an encore. The theme this year is Forbidden Desires.
This is one of the darkest hunts in SL so please keep that in mind when applying. Almost anything related to what happens behind closed doors or forbidden desires will be accepted except the following: Absolutely no pedophilia, absolutely nothing else involving children or child avis.
These are the merchants that have signed on board to bring you one of the darkest, sexiest hunts in SL.

1. CMC
2. Demotik
3. Trident
4. Trident Jewelery
5. Red Eye Shop
6. K-Code
7. Camillia's
8. Mystique
9. LooLoo's
10. Naughty Naughty
11. Rockoil
12. Brandy's Boutique (provisional)
13. Dani's
14. Nocturnal Needs
15. Les Sucreries de Fairy
16. Grim Death co.
17. Bad Katz Textures (provisional)
18. RnB Designs Furniture
19. Phoebe ~Piercings & More~
20. Reliquia
21. The Crossing
22. Under the Couch
23. Rack Poses
24. Raven's Heart
25. Brick-a-Brack
26. Amulet
27. X-Clusives Animations
28. Athy Designs Furniture
29. United Ishcon
30. Creatif design
31. Wildz Creations & Pimp Daddy Trivia
32. Syrenz Shadowz
33. Kennedy's
34. Cero Style
35. Silk Dreams Fashions
36. Silent Sanctuary
37. Carrie's Lingerie
38. Nishi Designs
39. Whatz
40. Blacklace
41. EK Studio Project
42. !Curvalicious
43. Habitation
44. Tempestuous Designs
45. Shadow Dreams
46. ~Lantian~

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