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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Titillating Tatas 2 / Salivating Schlogs 2 : April 1st - May 1st.

The Titillating Tatas hunt was a small but successful and Controversial hunt last year.
It is in some ways a parody hunt, and in some ways it is an empowerment/celebration hunt.
It is meant to be outrageous, funny, silly, sexy, a little self-demeaning, a little self empowering, a little bitchy, a whole lot raunchy, and most of all fun.
The Salivating Schlongs was smaller and did the same thing with guys because of all the flack we got about the Tatas hunt.
These hunts will be offensive to some. For those offended by them, we suggest finding other hunts.

Titillating Tatas 2:
1. Demotik
2. CMC
Eww, gross! That's gonna leave a stain!
3. Carrie's Lingerie
Titillating TaTas are like roses in bloom.
4. Dani's
Mini Me, Mini Me how come your face is all Red?
5. Wicked Beauty Light Shows
6. Les Sucreries de Fairy
7. Naughty Naughty
8. !! Never Ever!
9. Electric
10. Ahmused Xpresnz
11. Aberrant
Let the bass kick. Get those tatas shakin'!
12. Pipper's Place
12. Nishi Designs
Look High.
13. Reality Couture
14. Reality Designs
15. Shadow Dreams Owner MIA
16. Hooligan Street Wear pulled
17. Karma's Kreations
18. Cop a Squat

Salivating Schlongs 2:
1. Demotik
2. CMC
There is something twisted about a girl leaving random jock straps around her store.
3. Amulet
Nice carrot, Big Boy
4. Dani's
Have a nice day Old Chap.
5. Les Sucreries de Fairy
6. Electric
7. Ahmused Xpresnz
8. Pipper's Place
8. Nishi Designs
Look Low.
9. Shadow Dreams Owner MIA
9. Carrie's Lingerie
Read the book of love.
10. Karma's Kreations
11. Cop a Squat
12. Raven's Heart

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