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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

August Heat 2: Midnight Passions Merchant List

August Heat 2: Midnight Passions
August 1-31
August is a month of high tempatures and high passions, both day and night. In fact, when the Sun goes down, things only get hotter.  With that in mind, Depravity Hunts is proud to present for your hunting pleasure: August Heat 2: Midnight Passions, a hunt built around the heat and passions that flare in the darkest hours of the night.  Passions that may sink into the lowest levels of depravity but raise you to the highest levels of esctacy.  Let your depravity shine through!
Participating Merchants Listed Below:

1) Demotik
2) Brick-A-Brack
3) Cummere Mayo Creations
4) LooLoo's
5) Amulet
6) Dani's
7) Trident
8) Trident Jewellery
9) Naughty Naughty
10) Shadow Dreams
11) Les sucreries de Fairy
12) Syrenz Shadows
13) Red Eye Shop
14) Camilla's
15) Kennedy's
16) Grim Death Co.
17) Shinies
18) ~Lantian~
19) Karma's Creation
20) Raven's heart
21) GPD
22) blah.Blah.blah
23) Albo Products
24) Nocturnal Needs
25) Black Cat Bones
26) Seductive Designs
27) Avale
28) Nishi Designs
29) Violet Moon Creations
30) Ais Ink Tattoo
31) Bella's Designs
32) Ro!ACT Designs
33) Phoebe Peircings and more
34) Maddie's Designs
35) Clarity Creations
36) Incendia Outdoors
37) Earthly Delights
38) BRAT!
39) RAWR!
40) Seddy's Creations
41) --[Pins & Needles]--

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