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Sunday, September 30, 2012

October Passions Hunt Lineup and Hints October 1st -31st.

1) Lori's Lair
Deeper, please!
2) Demotik
3) Camilla's
Follow the steps down near the waters edge - look for tawny all orange and dreamy - if you have seen the men you have gone to far..
4) Naughty Naughty
I need a cocktail dress for the prom so I can look like a princess.
5) Karma's Kreations
Please use hint giver in store.
6) X-cluxives Animations
Please use hint giver in store.
7) Pillows and Things *
Careful not to let a black cat cross your path.
8) Slutwear *
Playing in the fountains can be fun.
9) Nishi Designs
Stand north and look south.
10) Eversong Wedding Boutique 
11) Trident Jewellery
Red and Purple Roses guard the prize.
12) Amulet
Love the happy tree :)
13) Seddy's Creations
Wanna bob for apples?
14) LooLoo's
My Mummy said wrap it up!
15) Dani's
Please use hint giver in store.
16) Red Eye Shop (dropped do to RL)
17) Syrenz Shadows
Please use hint giver in store.
18) Exquisite Eye Decorations
Bridge over troubled water.
19) OOTT (dropped out)
London is such a wonderful place to visit this time of the year!
20) V&M Texures *
In autumn leaves fall trees. (not for sale)
21) Les scureries de fairy
Please use hint giver at store.
22) Digi-Stylez
New Releases always have the best stuff.
23) Nawty From Beyond *
24) Leonine Fantasy Avatars & Accessories (nsno)
25) Rockoil *
Don't TAR and feather me.  (not for sale)
26) Ink Blots
Be Very Careful, Barbed Wire is Very Sharp.
27) Lash-Wire
That outfit looks like it was ripped in the heat of passion.
28) JAT
Splendid Autumn Colors
29) Peer Style Men's Fashion * (NSNO)
30) Slacy's
31) J&A Fashion
Red is the color of autumn.
32) Athy Designs Furnature
Find The Red Rose Candle
Your Prize is On The Mantel
I'ts On This Floor
In The Store
33) Laura's Guarden
I'm relaxing under the ivy vines....
34) BADE (fixed)
35) Kat Skratch Fever (fixed)
36) Angelic Designs
The path ends here,where could it be?
To the left..or to the right...?
Well it's easy,look for the best deals and that's where it hides !
37) Trident
Your prize lays by the roots of autumn trees.
38) Raven's Heart
October is a good time for mushrooms.
39)Stitches Creations
I think I'll relax here on this bench.
40) Violet Moon Creations
Three Generations of Grace and Beauty.
41) Cummere Mayo Creations
Men's: Talk about a breast fetish!
Women's: Where passion meets sexy.

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