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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Accepted Merchants: Darkness Behind Closed Doors 4: Dark Erotica

The Darkness behind closed doors hunt is back.  This time The theme is Dark Erotica.  This is a chance to let your minds go wild with what happens behind closed doors and behind dark curtains.  This time around we want to really focus on the most erotic of the dark secrets kept out of the light of day and away from prying eyes.  Feel free to let your imaginations roam.  The only caveat is absolutely no pedophilia or anything to do with child avis for this hunt.  Otherwise, it is pretty much wide open.  This is one of our more popular hunts and one that our merchants and hunters tend to have a lot of fun with.

Accepted Merchant List:
1) Cummere Mayo Creations

2) LooLoo's

3) Blackrose Fassion

4) Shhh! Its a Secret

5) X-clusives Animations

6) Vips Creations

7) Athy Designs Furniture

8) Celtic Creations

9) RO!Act Designs

10) Naughty Naughty

11) Coull Creations

12) Akeana'a Architecture

13) Les sucreries de Fairy

14) Mesh Glam

15) Lantian

16) Aster's Builts

17) Slave

18) DoZaNier Designs, Domino and Zahara's Creations

19 ) Brick-a-Brack

20) petite moments

21) Trident Jewelry

22) Trident

23) Miss Jewell

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