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Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Very Demonic CHristmas Hunt 2

A Very Demonic Christmas Hunt 2

RULES Please read and only continue on with the application if you agree to follow them!! 

# Offer Good Quality Prizes;  NO resellers, freebies, or business in a box items. Or stores full of *Art* that was not made by you personally.

PLEASE Provide a unisex or male gift also. 

# Have a Main store with a direct TP.  Or a HUNT PATH leading hunters to your store.  Malls and multi-merchant  setups are fine as long as you use a hunt path to clearly mark your store.

# Agree to Join thr hunt group for the duration of the hunt, (NO exceptions!) (You can join the group yourself if you miss the invite )  secondlife:///app/group/6d592efb-8407-3305-9b80-522add044aae/about

# A Picture and Hint must be sent in of your item. Even just saying "Hint giver on sign or in store" Is fine.

Your Gift must be boxed. The only thing we should see in the hunt item is your BOXED gift and the LM to the next location.

# Hunt item is not to be hidden inside another object.

NO changing the hunt item Color or NAME.

# Hunt Sign must be placed in SIGHT of the landing are of your store. If it cannot be seen as I land from your LM.  YOU will be asked to move it Or place hunt tracks leading to it..
Sign must be placed out ASAP as you get it.

Thank you!

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