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Friday, November 22, 2013

Merchant & Hint List for A Very Demonic Christmas 2 Hunt

1. DemotiK  Your Hint::: In and amongst all the other holiday stuff I hide
2. Brick-a-Brack
3. bella's designs
4. Isis Boutique Your Hint::: Dark Hole
5. . Cummere Mayo Creations Your Hint:::  Sarah is looking all naughty, but someone should tell her that black is not really Christmasy
6.  SKIP
7. Robot Dolly  Your Hint:::Jane is a pretty smart lady... maybe she has the answer
8. Celtic Creations  Your Hint::: Where would you expect to find a Christmas ornament?
9. LOoLOo's Costumes & Platypus Menswear  Your Hint:::  Get it? Got it? Good
10. Naughty Naughty  Your Hint::: Since this is Demonic I will go get a Rosemary Cocktail
11. JLZ fashion
12. ^Wicked Sin Creations^  Your Hint:::  The elves are not playing around. As they stuff things in boxes and jump up and down.
{Optional} Secondary Hint:: You can put it in a sack for safe keeping.
13. Elegance by Elysa
14. CERO STYLE  Your Hint::: I need to take a nap
15. SKIP
16. Grumble
17. M&M Incorporated Your Hint:::  The birds in the trees
19. X-Clusives Animations Your Hint:::  I'll tiptoe away, I don't want to intrude
Upon your Christmas INTERLUDE.
You seem to be having a moment of bliss,
As you experience the VAMPIRE'S KISS.
20. SKIP
21, Dirty Laundry  Your Hint:::  You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch!
22. Dragons' Designs
23. Les sucreries de Fairy Your Hint::: You'll find me with some dancing and cuddle skulls (just follow the trails )
{Optional} Secondary Hint:: i love when hunters are happy so here is the exact location of the gift (it's my Christmas gift for you )
24. {REVERIE} Your Hint::: You might need your goggles to find me
25. PeKaS Design  Your Hint::: you need to comunicate with me? leave me a notecard on my mailbox
26. Nightmare Design  Your Hint:::  Shhh ... Don't Disturb The Crows
27. Nekolicious  Your Hint::: See hint giver at the store
28. Goth1c0
29. Sugel Co.
30. Dandy and Niki Creations
31. Loordes of London Your Hint:::by the bargains
32. StoraxTree  Your Hint::: Near hunt poster
33. [Kikay] Your Hint::: You will see me clear as water
34. MISS JEWELL  Your Hint: on the second floor look at the little garden
35. Angelic Designs  Your Hint::: Emerging from the frosty lake, the lady guards the treasure so many seek
36. Bad Katz
37. Country Charm  Your Hint:::  I think the Little snow man by the store stole the Hunt item, better go check.
38. DAARK  Your Hint:::  Of all the memories both Light or Dark the most life changing are etched in Gold
39. Black Hill Tattoos
40. Love fox SKIP NOT READY
41. Zyn  Your Hint::: Dont get stepped on
42. Latex Station  Your Hint::: roses are red Rosetta is blue find your item when you get this clue.
43. Stone's Works  Your Hint:::   Angels we might hear on high  but  some  just stand around  looking good!
44. ~*Sweet Revolutions*~ Your Hint::: Christmas here and Christmas there, happy faces everywhere!
Sometimes elves are really bad`, singing santas bud is fat
45. United InshCon Your Your Hint:::  You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch!
{Optional} Secondary Hint:: Search the Crystal Carousel
46 Dondi's Doodads  Your Hint::: "Please check the hint giver."
47. Damn Cool Stuff  Your Hint::: Down the path and through the woods,
down the ramp, you'll find the goods!
48. Aii The Ugly & Beautiful  SKIP NOT READY  Your Hint::: Hanging high, I hope you can Fly.
49. ..::Gone NuTz::.. Your Hint::: Check the Hint on the hunt board
50. BlackRose Fashion Your Hint:::Falling from the trees  before winter...
51. Vips Creations  Your Hint:::I love you so much...but so much who (you keep my heart)!!!
52. Rockoil
53. {.::GalaFashionDesign::.}  Your Hint::: "My yellow BOB friend.."
54. ~# RM Style #~  Your Hint::: in the hands of a warrior

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